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[sticky post] Wants List!

team rocket
My Wants List

Bowling Ball Voltorb plush
(the last Voltorb I need)

inflatable charizard
 inflatable charizard

wooden croagunkimage
Croagunk tiki statue (needs to come with the mini statue and sign), Psyduck plushplush, Meowth PlushPlush or Pokedoll

These Magnets

House wants
(These are wants for when I move to a bigger space)

giant entei
Giant entei plush

giant laprasgiant snorlaxsnorlax big
Giant lapras plush, giant snorlax tomy, giant snorlax (no neck)

High wants
Cute custom plush of eggxecutor, sleeping Flaaffy plush

Spheal Pokedoll

taiwan nidoqueen
Taiwan nidoqueen plush


Regice pokedoll figure

Custom Wants

Custom plush of my favorites/random plush I love.

image image
A custom plush of Kirara (maybe more in different poses), custom pokedoll of Regice

This beautiful arcanine or similar custom, custom shiny nidoqueen to match my nidoking

Things I can trade

Willing to trade the whole set but they are missing their tush tags.

This is a second one I have, it's only been used for a few months so is practically new. Also comes in it's original box.

Beautiful custom from angelberries.

Oversized (slightly) pikachu pokedoll with black tag and Pichu plushplush with both tags.

Umbreon is unavailable but everyone else is.

Sentret mirage for trades only.

I can trade anyone or all from here.

Butterfree is for trades only. She has no tush tag.



Buyer/Sellers beware!

The eBay member Pokelectronics is a person I would recommend to stay away from and even block.
(Their real name is Nikole Coller from Florida)

  1. They are notorious for harassing sellers into selling their items for less than the seller wanted and if the seller refuses, they get constant messages asking them to change their mind.

  2. They will become paranoid when they lose items you are selling and will accuse you of various reasons why this is so. (They blamed me of shill bidding when non was going on.)

  3. They will cyber stalk you and other members bidding on your items and complain about said members.

  4. They use passive aggressive threats to try and make you sell to them.

  5. They are known to violate many eBay policies. (I.e. Retracting bids of $300+ because they don't want to pay for the items anymore.)

  6. They will demand a refund if a package doesn't arrive in their "time frame" even though eBay has a different one that is accurate.

  7. They know little about pokemon items or their worth and will complain if something is wrong with a plush even though the plush is normally that way and will demand ridiculous refunds for said plush.

  8. They are a massive reseller who extremely raises the prices of their items and cons people out of their money.

  9. They will try to obtain your personal information through eBay and will try to convince you to sell outside of eBay, which isn't allowed on there.

  10. They may try to convince you to sell through them and claim to charge less than eBay to sell your items. This is complete fiction as they charge more than eBay to sell and you don't get your money right away, they hold onto it until the package is "delivered",

  11. They have also claimed to be buying "every pokemon plush lot they can find" on yahoo!japan and are making it hard to have successful GAs or to get items at a decent price due to them up bidding with outrageous prices.

  12. They will stalk newly listed items and demand sellers sell their items at a BIN price that is unfair to the seller.

  13. They will contact a seller with an active auction with many bids on it to cancel the auction and sell those items to them only.

  14. They feel that sellers are obligated to sell to them and that they are the only buyer entitled to those items.

  15. They will go around bans by using other eBay names. The recent name used is Brandons_pokemart_emporium. Beware if you are getting bids from this account if Pokelectronics has already been banned.

If you or anyone you know has experienced how Pokelectronics is, I extremely suggest you haunt all business with them and block them. No item is worth being harassed/scammed/threatened over.

My Collection!

This is my displayed plush collection!

My main collections:
image image

My side collections:

Everyone else are miscellaneous pokemon i love of the first 151 or a custom.

Shiny mareep was hand dyed by me and will be getting a shiny DX brother here soon.

Quagsire's necklace has a GS ball charm that opens.

Finally obtained my grail, Porygon2! He's super sweet and perfect! The four customs here were made by Caffwin. She is a great plush maker!

Zapdos has to be one of my favorites. She is perfectly made in the pokedoll style!

All of these have yet to be put away :3

Oddish and butterfree are some more grails of mine!

These are from a friend's collection but are absolutely gorgeous! Super happy I got them!
My Displayed Figure CollectionCollapse )

My Around the Room CollectionCollapse )

My Stored Figure CollectionCollapse )


Super Awesome Nana Blanket!

This is a blanket my Nana had made for me when I was 9.  I've kept it all these years out of love but ever since I started collecting, I've been super happy I kept it! It's one of a kind and the pokemon are wonderfully colored wrong! :) Idk why I like the pokemon with different colors and kind of different looking but it shows love and effort!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, MY BLANKET!

This is the back pattern!

Snorlax Collection

Snorlax collection 2
These are the Metal Snorlaxes I have, a gold and a bronze. These are fairly small about an inch and a half tall.  I do hope to find the pewter one to complete these guys! (I possibly have one in the mail but he may be in a different form. Idk what he really looks like because he was a trade I made and the seller's photo was kind of far away...)

Rarity: Pretty Rare

snorlax figure
This is my Snorlax Tomy figure that's suppose to go in the little pokeball keychain but This was my boyfriend's so he didn't have the ball anymore. lol

Rarity: Common

This is the Applause Snorlax plush I have. He normally stays in his ball while being displayed but i took him out for his photo op! lol I love his shiny Budda belly!

Rarity: Rare

Cute little Bandai Snorlax plush! I have no idea when he was made or how rare he is but he was too adorable to pass up! He surprisingly came with a twin from the seller (which I plan on using his twin to get a Snorlax Mega Blok)!

Rarity: Heck if I know! lol

This is my Tomy Snorlax Plush. He is about 6 inches tall and is missing his right foots felt :( I bought him from a previous owner on deviantart but didn't know he was missing his foot spot. I'm trying to find a felt or fabric that'll fix him but nothing seems to match. :/

Rarity: Again I'm not too sure but I haven't seen too many!

Clefairy Pokedoll

This is a recently acquired plush from eBay.  She is from a christmas collection made by Banpresto. She has her hang tag but it is very damaged. Idk why they haven't made this into a popular plush because she technically is the first pokedoll from the card games and the video games.  She deserves some respect!

Rarity: Super rare

battle die2
I had this guy for a few months now and actually tried to sell him but when no one wanted him, I kept him! Then his big sister came around and now they are a happy family!  He is a Pracoro Battle die and very very tiny.

Rarity: Pretty certain he's hard to find

My Pokemon Collection


This is my Paki Paki Entei.  He's poseable but only really does dog type poses. lol

Rarity: Uncommon

Entei collection
This is my 2001 Giant Entei.  He is pretty big, he is about the size of a medium size dog.  He is in great condition other than the sun bleaching on his plume and the bending of his side plates but that's the result of him not being taken care of well by his previous owner.  I hope to find a truely mint one one day!

Rarity: Rare

My Mewtwos:

These are my Paki Paki Mewtwos.  They wanted a baby of their own, so they adopted a baby snorlax. :) 
They too are poseable and have a bigger array of emotions than my Entei. (I only have one Paki now because I sold the other to a fellow collector). I still love this picture though!

Rarity: Common but rarely parted with

This is my white tailed Mewtwo.  From what I know, he was the first Mewtwo plush to be made before the anime showed he had a purple tail.  I call him Fug Muffin considering he's sooooooo ugly. lol

Rarity: Uncommon

This is the Kawaii Mewtwo plush I have.  He isn't a pokedoll but looks an awful lot like one.

Rarity: Common

This is my DX Mewtwo UFO plush. I like how his face was made to look very similar to Mewtwo's character and then I love his little body. :3 

Rarity: Common and Expensive on eBay

This guy I got from Canada.  He's pretty cool and a great addition to my collection!  For being a Backpack, he doesnt hold much. :/  I tried sticking the Kawaii Mewtwo in him but I couldn't fit him in! lol

Rarity: Uncommon

fake mewtwo
This is the Bootleg Mewtwo I have.  Granted, I didn't know he was a fake when I bought him.  However, looking at other collections and noticing he was descibed as a Black and White plush when his tag says Diamond and Pearl made me realize he's not so legit.  Also he is very pink in comparison to my other 'Twos so maybe I should refer to him as a girl? lol

Rarity: Very Common

mewtwo ball 5
This is the Applause Poseable Mewtwo plush I have.  He is 4" tall and can be posed various ways.  He is the early Paki Paki in my mind.  I keep him in his ball to keep him safe and protected.

Rarity: Common

Mewtwo collection 2
These are the Metal Mewtwos I have, a gold and a bronze. These are fairly small about an inch and a half tall.  There is a pewter one of these out there and I hope to get my hands on it to make these guys complete!

Rarity: Pretty Rare

mewtwo collection 4
I've had this guy since I was nine and is the reason I started collecting Mewtwos when I got older.  He is from Burger King and is in pretty good condition besides his pokeball which has a scuff on it from being hidden in my drawer for so many years.  He has rarely come out of his clear case, the only times was to inspect how he is doing and to make sure nothing has occured to him whilest being hidden. ( He is now on display on my shelf so he shouldn't be getting scuffed anymore!)

Rarity: Very Common

mewtwo figure
This was a gift from my Boyfriend from his Pokemon figure collection.  He is a Tomy figure that you could only get in a pack of many figures and came as a special one inside. I really like how he is all silver except for his eyes. :)

Rarity: Uncommon

And finally my Bath Buddy!  He is the second one to come into my possession.  The first one was a perfectly mint one that I used to trade to TrollingMewtwo for my Paki Paki as well as a bunch of other mewtwo items we called the Mewtwo Jackpot. A few months later I regretted selling him because he was so freaking cute and really rare.  I told TrollingMewtwo that I wanted to find another and if he could help me find one, and long story short, he had one that was fairly mint except for the fact he is missing his suction cup and string on his head and the thread on his toe has come up. So I bought it from him! Now I plan on keeping him unless I find another Mint one, then I would be selling this guy. ;P

Rarity: Extremely Rare!